Jockey & Trainer Horse Racing System

Jockey & Trainer Advanced Combo Horse Racing System

Unlike Other Horse Racing Systems Sold We Dont Just Talk Winning Bets. We Show Genuine Winning Bets Layed With An Online Bookmaker Using JOCKEY & TRAINER SYSTEM. See Photos.

Winners = 100: Losers = 6: Voids = 2

Total Bets 108: Total Stakes £13.20: Total Returns £83.69

Winning Strike Rate 93%

Jockey & Trainer is a Fast and Accurate Horse Racing System which uses only 2 Elements (Jockey & Trainer) to assess a horse.

Just type in the name of the horse and select both jockey and trainer from the 2 dropdown boxes, its that simple.

The program will then deliver a rating using its database of 430 Rated Jockeys & 548 Rated Trainers selected using a strict criteria and coupled with its 2 built in Algorithms giving you a total of 235,640 combinations at your disposal for Rating a horse in seconds.

The System also has a built in function to compensate a horse where No Jockey or Trainer is listed. This option can be found at the end of each dropdown list:- JOCKEY NOT LISTED or TRAINER NOT LISED

 The program covers both National Hunt & Flat races run on UK & Irish Racecourses.

You Can use any newspaper with a racing section as you only require Jockey and Trainer

This program is supplied on a CD ROM Only

Please Note there is no download or email option.

Program will RUN on all Microsoft Window Platforms.